Women In Distress

Recurring Donations make a great impact

A recurring gift can help domestic violence abuse survivors when they need help the most, and survivors need help all year round.

Every day, throughout the year, Women In Distress receives calls for help. Calls for help can even increase during the summer months, May – September. The increase in domestic violence can be due to a number of reasons including increased stress because children are out of school and around more, the stress of hot temperatures, or attendance at more summer parties and increased use of alcohol.

No matter the reason, when domestic violence survivors call for help, Women In Distress must be able to answer the call and provide for the safe shelter of survivors and their children. Setting up a recurring gift is a great way to help Women In Distress keep services available for survivors all year round.

Setting up a recurring gift is easy. Once you make the decision to set up a monthly recurring gift – you can set it and forget it.

A recurring gift is also a good option for donors who want to help, but feel that they can’t make a big gift all at once. Sacrificing one or two cups of coffee or one or two days of lunches out every week, can make an impact on domestic violence abuse survivors getting the critical, life-saving services they need when they need them. A small gift can build momentum and make a huge difference over time.

Are you ready to make a commitment to a recurring gift? Click here and set up your monthly gift today.


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