Women In Distress

Lowe’s is making a tremendous impact by revitalizing the WID Blooming Sales Thrift Store

Lowe’s has announced that the Women In Distress Thrift Store Remodel is one of 100 community projects to be completed this year as part of Lowe’s Hometowns, the company’s largest-ever community impact program. Launched in 2022,


Our Thrift Store serves many purposes for Women In Distress and the community. When survivors of domestic violence come to Women In Distress’ shelter, they often arrive with just the clothes on their back seeking safety and a fresh start. They shop at the Thrift Store at no cost to restock their wardrobe and find household goods to furnish their new homes. WID Blooming Sales also provides quality secondhand goods at bargain prices to members of the community, particularly those in economic need. This remodel will refresh the store, and provide a more modern look so the shoppers and survivors can shop in style. All proceeds of the Thrift Store go directly to the agency to fund the emergency shelter and all programs designed to to stop domestic violence abuse.

Lowe’s Hometowns is a five-year, $100 million commitment from Lowe’s to rebuild and revitalize community spaces nationwide. This year’s Lowe’s Hometowns projects were selected from 94 communities across 41 states and Washington, D.C., and will address needs specific to each community, from housing and community centers to outdoor spaces and facilities for first responders and veterans. Each project will receive a grant from Lowe’s to make physical improvements that help local organizations continue to make meaningful impact in their communities. At the core of this commitment are Lowe’s red vest associates, who share a passion for giving back to their communities and provide support to every Lowe’s Hometowns project.

We are so excited to announce that the renovations are coming to a close as the team wraps up the remodel. We are hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration to show the community the finished project on Saturday, October 7th from noon til 2:00pm. We hope you will join us for the Grand Reopening Celebration for food, discounts, and raffles!




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