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In celebration of Women’s History Month please join our social media campaign to “Kiss Domestic Violence Goodbye”. During the month, we hope to bring greater awareness and empowering encouragement to survivors we have been honored to know and to those we haven’t met yet.

The Why of the Campaign | #kissdomesticviolencegoodbye

Domestic violence abusers often use makeup as a weapon, and often take away, or control use of products. Why is this problematic? The way we dress, do our makeup, and present ourselves is a way to show our personality, to stand out, or blend in, and feel comfortable and empowered. Many people find themselves and their creativity in makeup, is it the finishing touch on one’s own canvas. Controlling how someone looks on the outside, can hurt their self esteem on the inside. No one should ever have to change how they express themselves or make themselves feel small or less than, to make someone happy.

We don’t often think of the small changes we make for a partner, we don’t think about the pieces of us that we give away freely for love, and how over time those pieces aren’t so small after all. Those small changes can deplete one’s self esteem, one’s identity, and one’s uniqueness.

Herstory | Meet Cher

Cher is an accomplished woman. She is brave, smart, and has an enormous heart. She has also been through quite a lot. Cher was married to a man for X years, and experienced a multitude of abuse. Her abuser did everything in his power, to take her power away, and make her small. For years Cher had to deal with his rules, and suffer the consequences if she not did follow them to a t. What were one of these rules? No lipstick. Minimal makeup. No dresses. No skirts. Nothing tight. Nothing short. Plain.

He wanted her to be small | To be his, only his, and every action needed to be for him, and just for him.

Cher had enough, and found the strength to seek help, and get out. She called Women In Distress, and got the help she needed. After being out and thriving on her own, Cher wrote a book, called “Life After Brokenness” about her personal experience, and has even spoken for us at one of our largest events. After being out for a long time, writing her own book and thriving, even then she had not worn or bought a skirt for herself. On January 25th, for the first time in years, she wore a skirt. She told the audience that she felt empowered, and wanted all of her power back.

Empower yourself  | And survivors like Cher

It wasn’t just about the skirt, and it’s not about the color of the lipstick. It’s about the need for control, for the abuser to tear down their victim until they wash away any remnants of their personality, any remainder of their needs, and any fight they have left in them. Those days are over, and we are ready to #kissdomesticviolencegoodbye and show off what makes us feel empowered!

Empower yourself! Take a pic of your favorite lipstick, or whatever makeup look makes you feel empowered, post it and make sure to include #kissdomesticviolencegoodbye and don’t forget to tag us @womenindistress! Feel free to share your own story, or include encouraging words to empower your friends!

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