Women In Distress

There’s still time to honor your mom or another strong woman in your life.

The COVID-19 health crisis has ushered in tough times for families across South Florida. Add the fear of domestic violence and it can be overwhelming. For those experiencing violence at home, “Safer At Home” is anything but safe.

Across the country shelter websites are seeing a surge in the number of visits. Many survivors exit plans have been shattered. Outlets like going to school or work have been taken away – leaving them at home with their abusers on lockdown. The National Institute of Health reports that 60% or more of households where domestic violence exists includes children and they are also at risk of significant physical and/or emotional harm.

And because moms and their children have to put their escape plans on hold:

  • There is a risk of dramatically increasing incidences of domestic violence
  • Many domestic violence abuse survivors are facing a worst case scenario and finding themselves trapped in the home with their abusers and little to no contact with the outside world
  • Mandated reporters, like teachers, after school care workers, and others are not seeing children every day and therefore not aware of abuse that may be taking place in the home
  • Domestic violence abusers now have the perfect cover to isolate and control the movement of victims (moms and children)
  • When kids see their mom being abused, they sometimes lose respect for one of the most important people in their lives because she couldn’t protect them from seeing the abuse.

Women In Distress helps moms and kids stay safe. In Broward County and South Florida, Women In Distress has been the support system for moms and children experiencing domestic violence abuse for 45 years. Our life-saving programs and services are provided to survivors and their children at no cost.

As the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full service domestic violence center serving Broward County and South Florida, the center provides such programs as:

  • Safe Emergency Shelter – over 29,000 safe emergency shelter nights were provided last year to survivors and their children – more than half of survivors served in emergency shelter were children
  • Provided over 34,000 counseling and therapeutic hours including family therapy to help children solve problems without violence
  • Answered over 25,000 calls on its 24-Hour Crisis Hotline helping domestic violence abuse survivors find information regarding services, referrals, and crisis intervention

It’s only with the help of very generous supporters and donors that Women In Distress can provide life-saving services to moms who are domestic violence abuse survivors and their children. We expect the demand for our services to increase in the coming months, and we need your help more now than ever.  A gift to honor your mom, or another strong woman in your life, will help Women In Distress keep moms and children safe at the most critical times in their lives. All gifts received are tax deductible. You can make a tax deductible gift here.

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