Women In Distress

Double your money

With matching gifts, it is possible to double or even triple your gift to Women In Distress. Many employers sponsor a matching gifts program which allows them to match charitable gifts made by employees. Some employers will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses, or award gifts to Women In Distress based on employee volunteer hours.

Nearly 70% of large corporations and nearly 30% of smaller corporations provide matching gifts programs. Some employers match gifts dollar for dollar, or two dollars for every one dollar you donate, or even three dollars for every dollar you donate. Unfortunately, a large portion of these available gifts are unclaimed each year. Participating in your company’s matching gifts program is an easy way to double the impact of your giving, and it will help Women In Distress keep its programs and services accessible to domestic violence abuse survivors at no cost.

To find out of your company has a matching gifts policy, check with your human resources department. Your human resource department will be able to provide you with guidelines for initiating the process of making a matching gift. Many times the process is as simple as completing a brief request form.  Even if you made your gift a few months ago, you could be still eligible to request a matching gift.

If Women In Distress needs to verify your initial donation before the  matching gift can be completed, don’t hesitate to email us at or call 954-760-1237.

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