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Broward College: Empowering the Community as We Stand Against Domestic Violence

Broward College has been an important partner of Women In Distress for more than 16 years. Gregory Adam Haile, President of Broward College, provides a message about partnering with Women In Distress and taking a stand against domestic violence in our community.

Broward College takes domestic violence very seriously. That is why we are grateful for what the team at Women in Distress has achieved by its unrelenting determination to eradicate domestic violence. But, we also know there is more work to be done.

Accordingly, we are extremely proud to have hosted Women in Distress career readiness seminars on campus. We have learned that although domestic violence occurs across all income levels, women from low wage-earning families are, in fact, more frequently victimized than their peers. When we prepare more women to meet workforce demands and secure good-paying jobs, we continue to defuse that dynamic.

We also want to open more eyes to domestic violence and inspire honest dialogue. Just a semester ago, we welcomed Women in Distress again to campus for a presentation during which students and community leaders learned how domestic violence impacts their daily lives. The event was organized by our psychology and nursing students, some of whom are working toward an associate degree in Human Services, which offers tracks in family violence that cover child abuse and neglect, and domestic and partner violence.

But we know that a curriculum alone won’t put a stop to domestic violence. Victims will need to know that perpetrators of violence will be held accountable and those who have been victimized will have the safety and support they need to learn, grow and finish their studies.

Since we first opened our doors in 1960, Broward College has firmly stood by our mission to provide a high-quality education that is affordable and accessible to all. During these last 60 years, we have also considered ourselves a partner in the community. We have always believed that together, we can make our county a better place through education and community service. As partners toward this goal, the onus is on us to stand with Women in Distress. Together, we will make it happen.

Women In Distress is thrilled to thank and recognize our partner, Broward College, as an Honoree at our 13th Annual Starfish Luncheon. Each year at this luncheon, Women In Distress honors members of the community that have made a significant contribution to improve the lives of survivors of domestic violence. Historically the event welcomes over 500 community and business leaders. All proceeds benefit Women In Distress and help us continue to provide critical services to families affected by domestic violence. For more information about the Starfish Luncheon, please click here.

For information on how to become an Impact Partner with Women In Distress please contact Jacqueline House at 954-760-9800 ext.1237 or

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