Youth Education

Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. collaborates with schools, non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, healthcare providers, businesses, disability service providers, and law enforcement agencies to support healthy relationships and to reduce and prevent domestic violence with youth-based trainings, presentations, materials, and consultation.

The importance of providing preventive education to teens is continually demonstrated in studies and through the prevalence of teen dating violence in schools.In a 2009 study conducted by the Family Violence Prevention Fund and Liz Claiborne, the following information was gathered:

  • 84% of parents said that schools should provide dating and relationship education.
  • 30% of parents said that their child’s school does in fact provide dating and relationship education.
  • 37% of parents said that they are unaware of any resources to help them have a conversation with their teen about dating abuse.

Women In Distress delivers School Board approved curriculum on healthy relationships to at-risk students in Title 1 middle schools.  To schedule a program for students, please contact  Delores DeFerrari, at 954-760-9800 x 1281.

Elementary Programs

Hands Are For Helping (Grades K-2)
We offer continuing education for a variety of professionals, including healthcare, mental health, and legal professions. Each program we offer is based on current research and meets all regulatory requirements for each profession.

The goal of this curriculum is to promote and reinforce nonviolent behaviors in students by helping them define self-respect and respect for others.

  • This program utilizes interactive exercises and mixed media to cater to the younger Elementary School audience.
  • The curriculum helps students explore methods of using their hands in a peaceful and constructive manner, teaches them how to recognize and avoid bullying behaviors, encourages them to seek adults for help, and motivates students to practice nonviolent behaviors in their everyday lives.
  • Duration: The program is 5 sessions with 30 minute presentations per class each week.

Get Real About Violence Curriculum (Grades 3-5)
The emphasis of this curriculum is placed on solving conflicts non-violently, reaching out to adults for help, dealing with bullies, and encouraging productive action when witnessing violence.

View a session-by-session outline of our Elementary Programs.

Teen & Young Adult Programs

Imagine a World Where Love Doesn’t Hurt: Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention
The objective of “Imagine…” is to create awareness about the prevalence of dating violence in society, and teach students non-violent techniques to support victims of dating violence.

  • The curriculum mixes interactive activities with open forum group discussions to talk about myths about relationship violence
  • The program reviews how and why there are so many misconceptions about dating and healthy relationships.
  • Students are encouraged to advocate against unhealthy behaviors in order to become part of a social change movement that does not accept abuse within intimate relationships.
  • Duration: The program is 5 sessions with 1 hour presentations per class each week.

View a session by session outline of our Imagine Program.