Planned Giving

Planned Giving is the integration of personal, financial, and estate planning goals with a person’s goals for lifetime or testamentary charitable giving. It is an opportunity for charitable giving in circumstances that may not otherwise allow a donor to make a gift to charity.

Planned Giving creates opportunities for both donors and Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. Determining what gift is right for you is just as important as making the gift. There are many options from which you can choose. The correct plan for you balances what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans.

Leave Your Legacy

We invite you to learn more about our Planned Giving options that will allow you to make a meaningful charitable gift while possibly enhancing you, and your family’s, future financial well being.

  • Wills & Bequests
  • Real Estate
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

For additional information about Planned Giving, please contact Phyllis Bard at or 954.760.9800 x1253.