Women In Distress http://www.womenindistress.org Broward County, Inc Fri, 09 Oct 2015 21:40:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Lenore’s Story http://www.womenindistress.org/lenores-story/ http://www.womenindistress.org/lenores-story/#comments Wed, 07 Oct 2015 13:41:46 +0000 http://www.womenindistress.org/?p=1408 Read More ]]> Back in my very early twenties, I was date-raped in my own apartment, and after that I became terrified to date anyone new. That was until I befriended a young man on campus who seemed horrified by my story, and told me that if I would do him the honor of becoming his girlfriend, that he would make sure that nobody would ever hurt me that way ever again. He really seemed to care, and it touched my heart in a way I had never experienced before. So I finally let my guard down and started to date him. He moved in rather quickly. He said he wanted to protect me and keep me safe. I thought it was too soon, but I wanted to be protected and safe. So rather than learn how to accomplish that on my own, I allowed him to move in with me so he could do it for me. It was romantic and wonderful… that is, until the abuse began.

I was convinced that these out-of-the-blue moments of abuse were not the real him. I kept thinking back to how much he wanted to protect me… how much he seemed to care. And I convinced myself that that was the real man, and the abusive one was just an imposter filled with pain. And that if I could love him enough, and stick by him while he went through that pain, I could emotionally heal him, and save him the way he had wanted to save me. So whenever an abusive event occurred, I chose to love him through it. And when he cried in my arms and apologized each time afterwards, I comforted HIM, as I cradled him in my arms that were now covered in bruises. And he told me that this was just bringing us closer together, and making our love even stronger. And at that time, it felt true.

The trouble was; I was so busy loving HIM through it all, that I forgot to love MYSELF. The abuse got worse and worse, and I began to realize over 8 years of time that this wasn’t going to get any better. I mean, if my love was supposed to heal him, why was he only getting worse and worse? How bad was the abuse going to be after 10, 15 or 20 years? Would I even still be alive? This stunning realization and the sudden fear of dying made me realize that I needed to get out. I felt like I was betraying him, but I was so tired of betraying MYSELF.

I finally found my way to Women in Distress. There, I was swiftly but gently thrown into classes that taught me about abuse and abusers, and the cycle that desperately needed to be broken. My self-esteem increased, I learned how to rely on myself, I learned how to not be afraid to be alone, and how to get through the pangs of guilt for “abandoning” my abuser. I truly became a new person. I barely recognize “the old me” anymore! At Women in Distress, I was able to learn how to make new friends, get a new job, pay for my own apartment in a new city, take up new hobbies and pursue old abandoned ones, and how to reclaim my life in every way possible. It is amazing to me how much one can accomplish when one no longer has to waste all of their time and energy on coping with abuse. Now I can use that time and energy living my life to the fullest. And boy does it feel good!


Please click here to visit our Domestic Violence Awareness Month calendar of events.

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HAL HERMAN CHILDREN’S FUND http://www.womenindistress.org/hal-herman-childrens-fund/ http://www.womenindistress.org/hal-herman-childrens-fund/#comments Tue, 26 May 2015 20:55:57 +0000 https://6pby-6z5d.accessdomain.com/?p=475 Read More ]]>

Hal Herman Children’s Fund

In 2008 the Hal Herman Children’s Fund was established by Lois Herman as a celebration of her husband’s 80th birthday.  The Herman’s have always believed in the importance of helping others and have supported Women In Distress for many years.  “We believe in WID’s mission to end domestic abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.  Through our commitment, we have learned firsthand just how important it is to help keep families safe, stated Hal.”

Even when children don’t see domestic abuse, they usually know its happening. It can affect them deeply.  More than 50% of women experiencing domestic abuse live in households with children under 12. These children are more likely to exhibit behavioral issues and physical health problems, including depression, anxiety, and violence toward peers.

Through the Hal Herman Children’s Fund (HHCF) and the generosity of donors, the smallest survivors of domestic violence can receive the support they need — supervised care while their parent is in counseling, and help from specialized therapists that use play therapy, art therapy and more to help these children break the cycle of domestic violence.  To learn more about the Hal Herman Children’s Fund and the HHCF Celebration Wall, click here. 


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WOMEN IN DISTRESS CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT http://www.womenindistress.org/2nd-annual-charity-golf-tournament/ http://www.womenindistress.org/2nd-annual-charity-golf-tournament/#comments Tue, 26 May 2015 20:54:56 +0000 https://6pby-6z5d.accessdomain.com/?p=473 Read More ]]> JOIN US ON THE LINKS!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Second Annual Women In Distress Charity Golf Tournament at Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Monday, November 9, 2015.  Chaired by Phyllis Thomas (WID Board Chair) and David Sobocinski, we are excited to create an event that is as much fun as it is impactful.

With the anticipation of another sold out event, this tournament provides a wonderful opportunity for you to show your support of a great cause while getting your brand/name/logo in front of business and community leaders from throughout South Florida.

By supporting the Women In Distress Charity Golf Tournament, you will help fund critical, life-saving programs and services such as emergency shelter, crisis intervention, a 24-hour Crisis Hotline, children’s counseling and more; all of which are provided by Women In Distress free-of-charge to families in need. Last year alone, Women In Distress provided over 37,800 safe shelter nights to families escaping domestic abuse situations and answered over 12,000 calls to our 24-hour Crisis Hotline.

Women In Distress is the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full service domestic violence center serving Broward County. We are not only serving those in need, but also taking a proactive approach to eliminate violence in our community.  Last year, over 55,000 youth and adults were educated about violence prevention and the dynamics of domestic violence.

Yet, we can’t do it alone; please join us and support our mission of ending domestic violence abuse for everyone.  We hope you will consider becoming a sponsor of the Women In Distress Charity Golf Tournament.  Together we can end domestic violence and support the courageous women, children and men who have taken that brave first step toward a violence-free future.

Click here to view our Sponsorship Packet.

For more information, please contact Pamela Baynes, Director of Development at (954) 760-9800 ext. 1236 or pbaynes@womenindistress.org.

EIN Tax ID: 59-1592524


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