Charitable Remainder Trust

Setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust at Women In Distress is one of the most successful ways to have a positive impact on our participants and their families, while giving you an income stream from the assets.Each Charitable Remainder Trust can be tailored to meet the widest range of investment needs and charitable giving goals, while being individually planned, funded, and administered. This allows for the greatest flexibility in the assets used to fund the gift, the type and duration of the income, and the ultimate use of the gift by Women In Distress.Through your Charitable Remainder Trust, you are also able to designate which program at Women In Distress that will benefit from your generosity. This type of gift is a cherished, personalized contribution that touches countless lives that have been affected by domestic violence.

More Information

For more information and assistance, please contact the Director of Development at 954-760-9800 x 1253.